Western Girls And Their Lifestyle

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Every single individual in this world has his entirely different way of living than others. This is a very good thing which our 21st century has gifted us. In the past people were bounded in a number of customs and traditions. They could not even live according to their mindsets and inclination. They wore what people liked, ate what others permitted in their society. There were no boundaries of this social backwardness.

Western Girls And Their Classes

Like all the societies of the world western society has also generated some classes. The three main are middle, upper middle and elite. Now the girls of these three different sections have different way of living. Mostly the middle and upper middle genres are seen to be more humble and respectable. Although the elite one’s have a strong influence on the society but they have are too busy in their activities to differentiate between good and evil deeds. This could not be said for all of them.


Western girls have a very good dressing sense. They are usually seen wearing jeans and skirts. They usually follow the fashion trends. They are found of makeup and all its new technologies which are popular or invented newly in this age e.g. Botox etc. we can’t judge them because of their choices but we can say that their ways of living have also impacted the lives of eastern girls. As today is the age of internet. Every single person has made ids on facebook,instagram and twitter. They try to communicate with their type of people. If we take example of book readers, they are connected through different website. The western girls when show their life style through pictures than they become a reason of influencing for the eastern girls.

Ways Of Living

Usually they live in apartments. Live according to their own wills. They are asked to work and earn for themselves from their late teen age. This has its advantages but also disadvantages. Children at this time are not much strong mentally and emotionally. Although they start earning and establishing their career but in most times their indulge in affairs which result in broken families. This could not be said for all of them though.


There are no trends of covering complete body in western countries. Some of them have made restrictions on veiling. This has build strong walls between them and among eastern countries. As veiling is apopular trend in these states.

Equal Rights

Girls have been equal rights of labor and other living conditions. This has given the western women much more freedom and exploitation than ever before. Even these societies are worried because of the results of the consequences of their women related policies.

Working Ideally In Managing Family And Career

The western women enjoys more adversity than ever before. They are not victimized and humiliated than that is the eastern women. They are never killed in name of honor. They are free to find their passion and work for it throughout their lives. They are not restricted to their family and homes. These women are managing their families and careers perfectly.

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