Tricks For Time Management

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Time management is an important technique of our life. Unless and until we master this art we are not able to work efficiently in our fields. All the great people were a great admirer of time management techniques. It is often said that we don’t waste time but time wastes us. So the value of time is important to be understood.

Arabs And Time Management

In the primitive times Arabs were considered the most intellectual people in the entire world. They were truly considered so because they had a very strong memory and they gave birth to the great poets and philosophers. It seems impossible when we see their life history that how they wrote thousands of books in short life span. This mystery is cleared when we give a deep insight in their lives. They valued time as we value gems. They devoted their lives for the well-being of humanity as a result they were blessed by more they gave. These people didn’t waste their time in useless activities. They had made schedules of their complete morning to night activities.


The first trick to manage our time is to make a timetable. This would help us to not waste our time in useless and unnecessary activities. We should write our important activities in the early hours of the day and let the least important be written in the bottom. This will not lead the important works to be forgotten or left behind.

Skiping Useless Activities

Some intellectual are of the view that the deed which has no productive results is a harm for people. Nowadays often people are seen in surfing televisions or searching uselessly on Facebook and Instagram. These types of activities are just a cause of wasting one’s time and energies. We should train our children in the very early childhood to spend their time in

productive work. Every adult should spend his time in searching for his meaning of life. In searching for the hidden talents he has in his own personality.

Time Is A Disloyal Friend

It seems to us that we have more than enough time to do what we want but we may ask the importance of a single second from the patient on a death bed with some incomplete project. It is the very strange nature of humans that we are ignorant of the blessings we own unless it is taken from us. Time is not a friend nut of those who value it correctly. It is the master of those who waste it while a very obedient servant of those who manage it with great care.

To conclude we can say that all the great nations became so because they gave importance to time. They unrevealed the secret of time. This secret is not unveiled to those who are ignorant to its value. How could be we given the thing as a gift which is unknown to us. Even our siblings give us the product we adore and love. Same is the case with time.

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